Food Information Solutions

We offer an array of services to provide your food business support and guidance.

This can be a cost effective way of proving due diligence and compliance within your food manufacturing business, or a full support system providing training, documentation and personal expert guidance.

SALSA All In Support

So, you’re a small food producer, located in the area shown below and are looking to go for SALSA certification but don’t know where to start and are a bit daunted at the task.

Well help is at hand.

Food Information Solutions have put together this “all in” package of documents and support all based around the SALSA Standard V6.

We’ve put together quite a few documents (over 125 to be more accurate), and following a site visit on a convenient day, will personalise and tailor them to your requirements and add in any more that may be needed.

We’ll then come back to your site and go through the documents with you, so you know what to do with them.

Also included in the “All In” package is our “Is My Ingredient Safe” application that will allow you to know what hazards are associated with your ingredients and alert you when your product may be at risk. We’ve also added access to our Learning Room with access to our courses, and the Information Centre. We’ll also throw in an hours’ worth of support per month to help you along your SALSA journey.

The number of “All In” packages is limited, to ensure that the support you get is the best quality we can offer.

To find out more and see if there are spaces available click on the button below.